“TOP GUN” Fly Casting Contest


A timed event for distance and accuracy!


Contest Overview:

Competitors will cast five rods for distance and one rod for accuracy. This contest is not designed to be an ACA style event, but to reflect the actual conditions found on the stream while casting to fish! The rods will consist of five 9 ft. 5 wt. rods — one fiberglass, one bamboo and three graphite – all different models from various sponsoring manufacturers.  The reels and lines are also provided by our sponsors. The fly caster must make one distance cast with each rod and the cast must fall within the pond to score. The caster will then choose one of the five rods, and cast to each of five targets beginning with the nearest.  The target scores are 100 points inside the outer ring and 200 points inside the center ring. All casting must finish in 5 minutes. Flies must be on the water when time expires to record a score.

Distance scores are measured to the nearest ½ foot and recorded after each cast. Distance and accuracy scores are combined for a total score.  The finals are limited to the highest qualifiers in the men’s and women’s divisions. The finals will start at 11 am on Saturday, April 18th.



Prizes are the same for both Men’s and Women’s Divisions

Top Gun:  $3000,00 Plus first choice of a rod and reel used during the competition.

Second Gun:  $500,00 Plus choice of remaining rod and reel used during the competition.

Third Gun:  $250,00 Plus choice of remaining rod and reel used during the competition.



Qualification rounds will start April 7th – the day before the Expo opens – and will continue on Friday, April 8th. The qualification rounds have an entry fee of $20ea.   Scroll down for your Online Registration. You can register for 2 qualification rounds prior to the start of the Expo. Online pre-registration will close on April 5th or when all slots are filled. Slots are limited.   If any qualification slots are available prior to the start of the show, they will be sold on a first come first serve basis beginning at 9:00 AM Friday at the competition pond.  No competitor can purchase more than 3 total slots for the completion.

The Top 5 from each division are in the finals.


Qualification rounds run from:

Thursday – 11:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Friday — 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM


As long as qualification slots are available you can request your choice of the days and times for the qualification rounds. We will try to accommodate your schedule needs but will make no guarantees.

Once you have registered, we will be contacting you in about a day or two for scheduling. We will send you an email with your time slot. Make sure your email is accurate on the PayPal checkout form.  Include your phone number as we will need that to schedule your slots.  You are asked to show up 30 minutes before your scheduled time to check-in and review the rules of the competitions with an official. Prior to casting, you will be asked to sign a liability release that you can download here to review.

If all slots are full on the days you can compete call Tom Hickey at 801-839-9641 or email him at dagda403@gmail.com to be put on a waiting list in case of any cancellations.


Although we cannot guarantee time requests, we will do our best to accommodate them. The Top Gun team will contact you to confirm scheduling.



2022 Vendor Registration is now open.

CLICK HERE to download the vendor packet or contact Scott Antonetti with questions.