Fly Tyers

The Wasatch Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Expo has always had some of the best tyers in the Intermountain area, demonstrating their skills. Come out and see techniques, patterns and materials of all types. The tyers are an incredible source of knowledge, and are very willing to share. We encourage, and welcome, tyers of all skill levels to participate and show their stuff.


If you are interested in becoming a participant, please email: Marty Howard, Fly Tyer Chair.


2024 Fly Tyers

Friday and Saturday March 15th & 16th

2024 Fly Tyers
Adam Vincent
Allen Schaugaard
Andrea Jeffery
Austin Haacke
Ben Baxter
Bennie Johnson
Bob Sugitachi
Brandon Morrison 
Bryant Cook
Chris Ashby
Daryl Eakins
Dave Allison
Ed Switzer
Gary Jones
Hal Gordon
James Banas
Jason Haddix
Jeff Wadvogel
John Schultz
Joseph Vincent
Kris Stebar
Layne Read
Marty Howard
Mike Evans
Michelle Edwards
Paul Shurtleff
Peter Steen
Phil Iwane
Rich Lobrovich
Rick Takahashi
Ron Brown
Steve Maldonado
Sumi Sakamaki
Tom Doxey
Wes Ashcraft
Jared M. Theurer



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