Fly Tying Theater

The Fly Tying Theater at the Wasatch Expo features some of the best fly tiers in the Western US going over some of your favorite patterns from streamers to nymphs and everything in between. ¬†Here’s this years schedule at a glance.


FRIDAY April 6th

10:15am – 11am Pat Dorsey

11:15am – 12pm Peter Steen

12:15pm – 1pm Ken Burkholder

1:15pm – 2pm Cheech

2:15pm – 3pm Phil Rowley

3:15pm – 4pm Brian Chan


SATURDAY April 7th

9:15am – 10am Devin Olson

10:15am – 11am James Slattery

11:15am – 12pm Kelly Glissmeyer

12:15pm – 1pm Paul Shurtleff

1:15pm – 2pm Don Ordes

2:15pm – 3pm Casey Thompson


If you are not able to make it to see a certain tier or can’t make it to the show at all every fly and tier is filmed and loaded on our YouTube page below.