Nick Teynor


A dedicated fish-bum, and teacher of all things fly-fishing, Nick comes from a self-educated background. He taught himself how to cast and fish from a young age through grit, determination, and countless hours on the lawn and water. He loves to share his knowledge with anyone interested in learning to become a better angler and caster. Nick embraces all aspects of fly-fishing: Dries, Nymphs, Streamers-as long as there is potential for a fish to be on the end of his line, he will fish it. “Fly-fishing has so many fun and effective tactics. In this day and age, limiting yourself to one style of fishing really inhibits your ability to become a better angler. The best fishermen out there are the ones who can adapt to any situation, so it pays to be that guy/gal willing to learn new things. Let’s face it, the fish aren’t getting any dumber, and learning a new tactic that will benefit you is ALWAYS worth doing!” His¬†interest in teaching motivated him to become a Certified Fly-Casting Instructor via the Federation of Flyfishers, and the “head-master” of Western Rivers fishing classes and fly-casting clinics for the past 12 years. Any water with fish willing to eat a fly is good water for him, but he holds a very special spot in his heart for the Westslope Cutthroat and diva Rainbows of the Harriman Ranch.




05-Oct-2016 17:15 – 18:00
Euro Nymphing
Expo Hall 202