Understanding Emergers and Soft-Hackled Flies – Saturday

Time: Saturday 9:30 am to 11:30 am

Instructor: Skip Morris

Cost: $25

Description: For several centuries, fly fishers failed to understand the importance of “emergers,” insects in a partially hatched stage. But to trout, emerging insects have always been a prime target–these struggling, helpless creatures are easy pickings. An insect wrestling from its shuck can neither swim nor fly off as the trout comes to it.

Most emerger-flies imitate an insect in or on the surface of water. But flies with long, supple hackle fibers, flies fished just subsurface, called ”soft-hackled flies” or just “soft-hackles,” imitate insects just about to hatch or in the earliest part of escaping their shucks—and these flies can be deadly on trout, too.

During this two-hour clinic, Skip Morris (author of 18 fly-fishing books) will show you the various insects that pass through this vulnerable emergence stage (mayflies, caddisflies, midges), explain how and when and where they hatch, show you the flies that catch them by imitating the emergers, and teach you the effective techniques for fishing emerger and soft-hackle flies.