Trout Spey: Chasing Trout with a Two-Handed Fly Rod with Nick Teynor Saturday

Time: Saturday 9:30 am to 11:30 am

Instructor: Nick Teynor

Cost: $10

Description: Chasing fish with a two-handed fly rod (i.e. “Spey” Rod) is not just a great technique for steelhead and salmon anymore. The use of two-handed rods for trout fishing is becoming more and more popular on our trout streams and lakes, and many anglers are realizing how versatile and fun fishing for trout with a two-handed rod can be. This class will give you simple and detailed info on where you can chase trout with a two-handed fly rod, what you need to do it right, show you why you should try it, and even show you how to incorporate Spey casting techniques with your single handed trout rods on our local streams. Your teacher for the class will be Nick Teynor from Western Rivers Flyfisher. Nick has been working, guiding, and teaching at Western Rivers for the past 12 years, and loves to teach and share his knowledge about “trout spey” with anyone interested in learning. If you have ever been “Spey-Curious”, this is the class to get all of your questions answered!

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