Streamer Fishing – Thursday

Time: Thursday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Instructor: Adam Hudson

Cost: $110

This will be an all-day On-The Water class at a location on the Provo River.  Lunch is included.

Description: Streamer fishing isn’t just about casting a wooly bugger down and across and stripping line. From streamer fishing skinny water all the way to blown out river conditions, we will discuss approaches for any condition. This class looks at both floating and sinking line strategies, pattern designs, leader designs, and retrieves to match any condition. Just about every possible streamer tool will be discussed in this comprehensive class. The class will have a group discussion while looking at specific scenarios and build a game plan to approach each. The goal with this class is to provide the angler with the confidence to fish streamers in any condition.

BIO: Adam Hudson, the creative mastermind behind Blue Line Fly patterns.
He’s a guide, fly shop manager, casting and fly tying instructor, and more. Needless to say he’s been there, done that and probably had a glass of Jack Daniels while doing so. He’s the man to see for any fly fishing question, and loves to show others the ropes and share his tricks to making a day on the water productive and fun.

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