Stillwater With Phil Rowley – Thursday

Time: Thursday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Instructor: Phil Rowley

Limited to 10 participants

Cost: $110

For many, lakes seem featureless barren and just plain tough to figure out. Yet many are drawn to lakes as an option to walking and wading rivers along with the attraction of larger than average fish.

Stillwater 101 introduces you to the charms stillwater fly fishing has to offer. In this comprehensive workshop you will learn how to decipher what lines to use for which situation, stillwater equipment including rod selection, basic retrieves, fly selection, which fly styles to choose for different situations, entomology, water craft options and much more. If you have been curious about fly-fishing lakes, this workshop is for you.

This will be an all-day On-The Water class at a location TBD.  Lunch is included.

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