Progressive Nymphing with George Daniel Saturday

Time: Saturday 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Instructor: George Daniel

Cost: $25

Description: While much of the rage in the fly fishing industry is focused around Euro Nymphing, there’s scenarios where anglers need to utilize traditional nymphing tools like split shot, non-beaded flies, and indicators. European nymphing tactics are some of the most effective nymphing tactics available to anglers, but it’s important to recall and implement the use of non-European nymphing tactics when conditions exist.  The purpose of this class is to look at three nymphing tactics, learn “where to” and “where not to” use this tactic. Also, we’ll look at situations where there’s crossover between each respected tactic. Success occurs when the angler is able to utilize a nymphing system that best matches the conditions. We will investigate three common approaches (European Nymphing, Tight Line Nymphing, and Indicator Nymphing), discuss strengths and weaknesses of each approach, demonstrate how to build and fish a variety of nymphing rigs for specific situations, along with overall nymphing tips guaranteed to increase your success on the stream.

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