On The Water, Trout Spey 101, Sunday

Time: Sunday 8:30 am to 3:00 pm


Instructors: Tim Pantzlaff and Son, Michael Pantzlaf


Cost $100


Trout Spey 101

Reel maker, Tim Pantzlaff and his son, Michael Pantzlaff, one on one day long group lesson on the Provo river learning every basic on spey casting for trout. From fly selection to choice of gear.
Tim Pantzlaff was born and raised in Denmark Wisconsin only twenty minutes from Green Bay. He learned to fish at the young age of six and began to fly fish at the age of thirteen, originally in interest of catching musky on the fly. When Tim was nineteen, he blew his rotator cuff which temporarily prevented him from single handed fly fishing. He was introduced to the art of spey casting and hasn’t looked back since, he found that the casting style and the rods greatly reduced stress on his rotator cuff. Skipping forward fifteen years, Tim saved up enough money to buy himself a nicer spey reel upgrade from the ones he had before, he found the right one on Ebay and fortunately got outbid last second by a bot. This made him rather upset and he just decided to make his own with a manual lathe without any previous training on machining. Long story short, Tim quit his job and started up Speyco Reels in 2007 and is still going strong to this day.
Michael Pantzlaff was born and raised in Green Bay. He was introduced to spey fishing from his dad, Tim Pantzlaff at the age of seven and swung his first steelhead at thirteen. Michael has been spey casting for thirteen years as of 2019 and is the lead designer and assemblyman of Speyco Reels.