Learn Rope Dubbing — A Tie-Along Workshop with Don Ordes

Time: Saturday 9:30 am to 11:30 am

Instructor: Don Ordes

Cost: $25

Description: Rope-dubbing is a dubbing technique developed by Don that allows for any and all dubbings to be dubbed in any size and thickness in a very short time Рnormally less than 30 seconds. No tools or wax is required for the basic technique. Shaping and segments are basic to the technique. Bring your toughest dubbings and Don will show you how easy they are to apply with his method. Participants should bring their own fly tying equipment and materials.  The suggest list can be downloaded here.

Online Sales are now closed but  Admissions & Banquet Tickets and Workshop & Casting Registrations can be Purchased at the Expo