Stillwater Techniques with Phil Rowley and Brian Chan

Time: Thursday 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

Instructor: Phil Rowley and Brian Chan

Limited to 20 participants

Cost: $100

Description: Join two of North America’s most recognized and renowned stillwater fly fishers, Phil Rowley and Brian Chan, for a unique one on one stillwater experience. In this all day session, Phil and Brian will be providing information and instruction on a wide range of stillwater techniques and tactics including practical tips on rod selection, line choices, entomology, how to read lakes, leader construction, casting, retrieves, presentation techniques and much more. A must if you wish to improve your stillwater fly fishing skills in a practical, hands-on, approach. This will be an all-day On-the-Water workshop at a location that will depend on weather and Ice-Off conditions on local stillwater.
Lunch is included.

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