The Big Picture on Fishing Small Streams: Environment and Techniques by Kirk Nichols

Time: Friday 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm

Instructor: Kirk Nichols 

Cost: $10

Where do you find small streams to fish? Up high in the Uinta and Wasatch Mountains! For two hours, using video, photographs, and maps, together we will explore the where to, how to, and why to fish these stunning small streams, made even more interesting by understanding the fascinating mountain geology, riparian ecology, and history. Small streams have their own unique appeal. Big-fish fishers ignore them, and horse packers and backpackers tend to trot off for the lakes, leaving the streams for fly-fishers to explore. Many of the streams in this presentation can be fished within sight of the trailhead parking lot, or you can enjoy a quiet walk in the mountains before settling in to reading the water and being absorbed into the liquid landscape. …AND all of these streams are accessible because of public lands and public water!

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