Advanced Casting Class – Thursday

Time: Thursday 1:00 Pm to 4:00 pm

Instructor: Jack Dennis

Limited to 10 participants

Cost: $110

Casting is 90% of improving your flyfishing

  • The class is designed for intermediate-stage fly casters to help improve their casting.
  • Class focus is to identify and correct casting problems and provide a path to self-teaching
  • Areas of concentration will be on the casting stroke, both short and long casts
  • Learning to shoot lines, minimize false casts, develop confidence with wind casts. Different types of the fly cast will be examined and taught to improve on-stream fishing
  • The introduction of casting exercises to build muscle memory is the key to building success
  • Video analyzing of each student with personal steps to improve casting skills.
  • Limited to 10 students for more personalized instruction
This will be held at the Expo Center Casting Ponds.  Lunch is included.

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