2017 Wasatch Intermountain Expo Vendors & Exhibitors

The Wasatch Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Expo will have over 90 vendor booths. Come touch, feel, and play with some great gear. Talk with some premier outfitters and plan your next Fly Fishing adventure.


Here is a one page summary of the 2017 Expo.


Please show Expo vendors and exhibitors your appreciation by visiting their shops, websites or take advantage of their services. Stop by their Expo booths and let them know how much you appreciate them taking the time to support our Expo, our fly fishing and fly tying obsessions. Besides, they are a bunch of great folks.

If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please send an email to: Scott Antonetti, Vendor Chair.

  • Adams Built
  • Alaska‚Äôs Boardwalk Lodge
  • Allen Fly Fishing
  • Aquaz USA Inc
  • Blue Ribbon Fish Carvers
  • Brighton Anglers
  • Cabelas
  • Canyon Coolers
  • Colter Custom Rods
  • Cutthroat Leaders
  • Dan Bailey Fly Shop
  • Double Haul Fly Fishing Guides
  • Drift Lodge & Fly Shop
  • Duck Valley Indian Reservation
  • Fallriver Fly Rods
  • FFF – Federation of Fly Fishers
  • Fincognito
  • Fish Heads Fly Shop
  • Fish On Energy
  • Fish Tech Outfitters
  • Flaming Gorge Resort
  • Flut Rod Company
  • Fly Fish Food
  • Freestone Designs
  • Global Travel Network
  • Goat Head Gear
  • Hardy Greys
  • Healing Waters Lodge/Lewis&Clark Expeditions
  • Henry's Fork Anglers
  • Hyde Drift Boats
  • Idaho Fishing Outfitters
  • Lucky Rods
  • Maxxon Outfitters
  • Moonlit Flyfishing/Dragontail Tenkara
  • North Fork Outfitters
  • Old Moe
  • Pioneer Anglers
  • Prince of Wales Eagle Lodge
  • Project Healing Waters
  • Rainy's Flies
  • Red Shed Fly Shop
  • Reel Recovery
  • RexFly
  • Riverstone Gallery
  • Rockagator
  • Rocky Mountain Nets
  • Snake River Nets
  • Solitary Angler Inc
  • Spinnerfall Guide Service
  • Stealth Craft
  • Stealth Fly Products / Eddie Robinsons
  • Tacky Flyfishing
  • TANUKI Tenkara Rods/Tenkara Tanuki
  • TravzArt
  • Trout Camp Lodge
  • Twin Territory
  • Umpqua Feather Merchants
  • USAC – Utah Stream Access Coalition
  • Utah DWR – Division of Wildlife Resources
  • Utah Chapter Trout Unlimited
  • Wasatch Angling Products
  • Wasatch Women's Fly Fishing Club
  • Western Rivers

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